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BetterLesson’s New Curriculum Tools

September 15, 2010
Over the past few months, we’ve also made some significant enhancements to our curriculum tools on BetterLesson.
You’ll notice that the tagging process during content creation is much smoother and more flexible than it was last spring.  The highlights include:
  • A consistent tagging interface on all content create/edit pages (course, unit, lesson, file)
  • Autocomplete for subject tags (e.g Algebra, World History, Abraham Lincoln)
  • No requirements or restrictions on tagging


Lesson Page Editor
Within the next week, we plan to incorporate a new lesson plan editor into all lesson pages.  We’ll be testing two highly-regarded open-source editors: Google Closure and TinyMCE.  


Google Closure is used within many Google products (e.g GMail), and TinyMCE is used by many high-profile companies such as Facebook (in Facebook Questions) and WordPress.  For the next few months, half of BetterLesson users will have Google Closure, and half will have TinyMCE — please let us know what you think about your lesson plan editor so that we can make an informed decision about which editor suits teachers’ lesson-plan writing needs best.

We hope these enhancements make creating and sharing curriculum on BetterLesson easier.  As always, please send us your feedback.

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