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BetterLesson’s New Search Tools

September 15, 2010

On BetterLesson, you can now filter your search by the networks you belong to, which gives you the ability to narrow any search results from global to local.
For example, search ‘fractions’:


Top results include a Fractions unit by Paul Hobson (teacher at Chavez Academy in San Diego) and a Fractions lesson by Ryan Frailich (teacher at Bedford Stuyvesant Collegiate in New York):

At this point, though, I can filter the results by the Roxbury Prep Chater School network (school where I taught):


My top search results are now Fractions lessons by Jason Armstrong, 6th grade Math teacher at Roxbury Prep Charter School:


The network search filter searches for any content created by members of the network on their individual ‘My Curriculum’ sections as well as content created by members of the network within the ‘Shared Resources’ tab of the network page.
We’re very excited about this search tool because this filter allows teachers to use BetterLesson to both search for the best content out there, a global search, and also to search for content within their schools (which replaces searching on local shared drives), within their districts (which effectively creates a virtual shared drive for entire districts), and within any other community, all local searches.
Enjoy — and please send us your feedback.


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