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BetterLesson Tech Starting a Blog

October 6, 2010

Soon, the awesomely dedicated BetterLesson technology team will share technology stories at

BetterLesson has been built by some great coders and tech advisors. Some of the tech team has participated in dozens and dozens of projects, one is also co-organizer of a popular technology meetup, and two others have very recently won a contest in a cutting-edge web technology. Mostly, we’re proud of how much our small team has accomplished.

My two years at BetterLesson have been a great experience. We work with some of the most awesome, dedicated teachers I’ve ever seen; from those educators who founded and help build the company, to those users of BetterLesson who have been helping develop our beta through their enthusiastic use of the site.

A die-hard technologist might find building a website not as interesting as working on other technologies. With so much happening in the Boston area in Technology, geeks like myself have a lot of amazing work to choose from.  However, BetterLesson is a tremendous opportunity to discover and solve problems affecting millions of people. Solving problems is not only about the good feeling you get from helping people – it is also the core of entrepreneurship. “Make something people want” is a well known mantra of technology startups from YCombinator, and we also believe this dedication to people is what it takes to succeed in technology.

Technology at BetterLesson is an enterprise in the service of improving the lives of educators. We take the best, most agile, open, lean technologies we can find, and we’ve worked hard every day for over two years to make something people want. And, even better, we have some really exciting stuff on the way.

The tech team is going to write at least a couple posts a month to give back to the technology community that really supports us.  We’re working with technologies that have had millions of hours of people’s time and effort invested – and I can’t think of a better place to apply that effort than to education.

– Jonathan Hendler

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