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BetterLesson Launches ‘Weekly Download Digest’ Emails

October 25, 2010

Starting this week, we will no longer send you individual emails each time another teacher downloads your lessons or files.  Instead, we will send you one email per week — a “Weekly Download Digest.”

Over the past year, we’ve sent you emails when:

1) Someone has downloaded your file or lesson; or

2) You have downloaded someone else’s file or lesson (don’t forget to send them feedback!).

One of BetterLesson’s core principles is to Recognize Teachers’ Contributions.  To that end, teachers should know when someone has downloaded their content, and we keep track of each users’ download count on their profile.

We’ve gotten feedback that you love knowing who is downloading your content, but that you’d like to be able to view your download history in an aggregated digest form.  Here’s a snapshot of how that email will appear in your inbox:



Please note that digest emails will contain two tables (only one shown above): 1) What other teachers have downloaded from your curriculum and 2) What you have downloaded from other teachers over the course of the week.

Thanks so much for your consistenly helpful feedback.  Please let us know what you think of the new email by using the in-site feedback tab, emailing, or commenting on this blog post.

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