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BetterLesson Releases New Tagging Widget

November 10, 2010

Tags are everywhere these days. We use them in photos to identify themes on Flickr and people on Facebook. We use tags to classify bookmarks on Delicious and to quickly naviagate to articles on our favorite websites. Twitter users can find topical tweets by searching for a #hashtag — a new generation of tag. You can also add tags to your curriculum on BetterLesson. Our updated tagging features give you new ways — in addition to searching and browsing — to identify and find the resources you need when customizing and building out your curriculum.

To tag any resource — a Course, Unit, File or Lesson — just click “Edit” on the upper-right corner of any page. Scroll down. BetterLesson’s tagging feature is unique for two reasons. First, when you begin typing in order to add a tag to a resource, the auto-complete feature suggests tags from our comprehensive database:


Second, if auto-complete doesn’t suggest a tag that you want to use, you can add any new tag you’d like. Just add spaces between words and commas between separate tags.


Take a look at the “Browse” button above the tagging field. Clicking this activates our new tagging widget, which reveals the hierarchy of our suggested tags. Sticking with the chemistry theme, if you check “Science,” this will activate a number of subcategories, chemistry among them.


To view the new tags on your Course, Unit, File or Lesson page, just x-out of the widget or click outside it to see your newly-selected tags:


And if you decide you don’t want to use a particular tag, such as “Properties of Matter,” uncheck it. You’ll see a strikethrough to indicate the tag was removed:


We hope you like the new tagging widget and overall tagging interface. Look out for more updates and, as always, let us know what you think about this feature and any others by commenting on this post, sending feedback on the site, or by writing to




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