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BetterLesson FAQ

November 29, 2010

Q: What is BetterLesson?

A: BetterLesson is a place where educators can find and share what works.

Q: What can I find here?

A: You can search for and browse through different types of files, individual lessons, entire units and courses.  You can also connect with fellow educators from around the world.

Q: How was BetterLesson started?

A: BetterLesson was started when educators from Boston and Atlanta became frustrated with the many barriers they faced in trying to find and share great curriculum.

Q: Who runs BetterLesson?

A: You can read all about BetterLesson’s team here.

Q: Is BetterLesson a non-profit?

A: No, BetterLesson was incorporated as a for-profit in 2008.

Q: What is your business model?

A: BetterLesson generates revenue by creating premium, on-site networks for enterprise customers.  Though the core platform is (and will remain) free, districts or CMOs can customize their home page and accesss enhanced functionality by purchasing a Premium Network subscription for their teachers.

Q: Is BetterLesson available in languages other than English?

A: Not at present, but teachers from all over the world can use BetterLesson.

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