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Lesson Page Enhancements: Making Documents the Star

January 25, 2011

Because documents are the building blocks of a good lesson, we’ve recently made them more prominent on the lesson page.


Early on, you may have noticed that documents associated with a lesson pooled in a module on the right-hand side of the lesson page, beneath usage metrics and the various lesson characteristics:


We heard from you that the documents module could get better real estate on the lesson page. So we’ve moved it from the lower right to directly above the lesson’s objective:


Why does the move make sense? We concluded from our own teaching experience and from your feedback that documents play a much more important role in lesson planning than their earlier placement suggested. The role of each document and its relative significance to the lesson is much more evident, it seems, when it is clearly visible. Which is why we’ve also added a previewer that pops-up that appears when you hover over each document’s title:


You can still also easily access documents via the navigation pane on the left-hand side of the lesson planning space. Many of you like the navigation pane and say it provides you with an easy way to jump between lessons and associated documents — a cloud-based version of Apple’s Finder, for example. This navigation pane will stay put. 

Please let us know what you think of the new document placement on your lesson page template. You can leave us feedback on this post, on the site, or as always, via Facebook or Twitter


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