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Tara Watts, Elementary Math Teacher, on Teaching

February 18, 2011


Three words that describe your teaching persona 

energetic, eclectic, inspired

Why teach? Or, how did you become a teacher?

Kids rock!

What would you be if not a teacher?

Social worker

What do you do to optimize student engagement in class?

Get zany!

Coffee, tea, or caffeine-free?

coffee at 8 am, Pepsi at noon, herbal tea at 8 pm

Describe your classroom management style (including a few best practices) in a few sentences.

Fair.  I treat all students will respect.  

Favorite Cartoon/TV/Movie Teacher

Ms. Crabtree!

Favorite Book (to read or to teach)

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

Who was your favorite teacher as a student?  Why?

I never had a favorite teacher. Each teacher enriched my life in some way, shape or form.  Ms. Liddell taught me to love poetry.  Ms. Murray taught that freedom is not a birthright.  Mr. Ritzer taught me the power of words.  Mr. Johnson taught me to love the outdoors.  Sister Ziegler taught me that sometimes it’s better not to say everything that’s on my mind.  Ms. Hayes taught me to love my singing voice, even though others might not.  It feels like I can continue ad infinitum.  Thanks Mr. Johnson, for the Latin phrases you taught so well… 

Which teacher do you admire most and what makes him/her a great teacher?

I admire every teacher for their positive interactions with students, classroom environments that act as co-teachers, and their ability to tailor lessons based on the needs of their students.

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