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Grow Your Own Network by Searching for New Ones

April 7, 2011

Need to find a lesson plan? Search by “Resource.” Need to find a teacher? Search by “Educator.” Now, if you need to find a network of schools, teachers or curriculum organizations, you can search for those too.

On the BetterLesson home page, where searching by “Resources” and “Educators” has been a staple of our search engine for some time, we’ve added “Networks” to the mix:


Let’s say you’re looking for a community of science teachers. Type “science” into the search field:


Nearly one hundred networks and communities with science at their core show up in the results. Here are a few:


You’ll see that I’m an administrator of the “Science Open Textbook Exchange” network and I’m a member of “Middle School Science Teachers.” Since I’m not yet a member of the NSTA — the National Science Teachers Association — network, I think I’ll join it now. I’m looking forward to receiving periodic updates on my home page and exploring this new networks’ current members and resources.

So go ahead and search for (and join) some networks. They’re a great way to find new and diverse communities of educators and resources. 

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