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SAT (and other Test) Prep Materials on BetterLesson

April 11, 2011

As deadlines loom for SAT testing, we thought it’d be a good time to highlight some test prep materials surfacing on BetterLesson.

A course from A-List Education includes 20 clever and catchy vocabulary videos with supplementary resources. Here’s a screenshot from one clip and their sagacious approach to teaching viewers challenging SAT and GRE words:


(Here’s the link to the video: Sagacious: insightful, wise.)

Another test prep resource comes from a High School English/Language Arts teacher, who has posted a great unit designed around both reading and test-taking strategies for the SAT Reading section. Here’s the unit plan: SAT Reading Lessons. (Jump to the Course page “High School Fridays 2009 -­ 2010″ to see all the resources.)

A BetterLesson Fellow who teaches ELA has developed a unit that includes seven lessons on 3rd grade test preprartion. Lesson 3 — Tricky Questions and Answers — includes a handy checklist for students evaluating why they incorrectly answered questions.

Finally, a middle school ELA teacher from Indiana posted a handy preparation and practice guide for students gearing up for an essay test. While the packet is designed around a book you’re unlikely to also be teaching, the principles are universal: brainstorming, outlining and practice, practice, practice.

Check them out! And let us know if you’ve found a handy test prep resource and used it in your curriclum.




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