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BetterLesson in the News; NSVF Award

May 23, 2011

Over the past week, BetterLesson and Founder/CEO Alex Grodd have received some generous and noteworthy attention:

In the latest issue of Education Next, Bill Tucker calls BL a “promising new entrant” in the education technology space and notes our “slick” technology and user experience.  Tucker goes on to quote the director of digital learning at Achievement First ­— one of our premium customers — who says BL’s platform fits nicely within AF’s existing culture of coaching and collaborating.

As part of a new series on education innovators, Education Week blogger Sara Mead interviews Alex about his motivations for starting BL, where he sees the site in a decade, and who has influenced him. In her introduction, Mead writes that BL has the “potential to leverage the highest-quality instructional content and connect teachers so that they no longer feel alone.”

Finally, Alex, Chris Cullen and Erin Osborn attended the NewSchools Venture Fund 2011 Summit, where visionaries like Netflix CEO Reid Hastings, Khan Academy founder Sal Khan and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg discussed and debated the future of education. NewSchools, which has provided generous support to BL since its start, honored Alex as one of two 2011 Entrepreneurs of the Year. Alex and the entire BL team are humbled by the distinction.

We’re excited about the attention and the feedback that has followed. Stay tuned via Twitter, Facebook and this blog for future updates.

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