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Great Courses and Units for Middle School Math Teachers

November 19, 2011

Welcome to our first blog post featuring great courses and units from members of the BetterLesson community. Teachers have bookmarked these courses, shared them with others, and told us how helpful they have been to their own teaching. Same with units. So we are putting them all in one place. We’ll be both updating this post periodically with new additions and bringing back courses and units that we’ve featured in the past. Look forward to collections across the core content aras in elementary, middle, and high school. Enjoy!

5th Grade Math Problem Solving by Kurt Sarsfield. This course includes the following units: Geometry, Number Sense, Percents, Whole Number Operations, Probability, and Decimals.

6th Grade Math Procedures by Jason Armstrong. This course includes the following units: Whole Numbers, Decimals, Fractions, Percents, Geometry, Extensions and Review, Assessments, and Daily Activity

6th Grade Math by Tamara Shear. This course includes the following units: Smooth Operators (Integers/Order of Operations), What does the data say? (Data analysis, Data Representation, and Graphs), Fractions and Decimals, and Proportions and Probability.

6th Grade Math by Kaiulani Ivory. This course includes the following units: Orders of Operations, Exponents, RoundingIntegersData Analysis/StatisticsNumber Theory, Fractions, Decimals, and Percents, Fraction Computation, Decimal Computation, Percent Computation, Linear Relationships, Finding the Unknown, Geometry, and Probability.

7th Grade Pre-Algebra by Betsy Peterson. This course includes the following units: Number Sense, Algebraic Concepts, Geometry, Functions, Algebra Preview, and a Monument Project.

7th Grade Math by Jennifer Wells. This course includes the following units: Working with Percents, Solving 1-Variable Equations, Probability, Ratios and Proportions, Number Sense, Geometry, Linear Equations, Graphs and Statistics, Computation, Solving Inequalities, and Systems of Equations.

7th Grade Pre-Algebra by Kristin Squires. This course includes the following units: Integers and Algebraic Expressions, Writing and Solving One-Step Equations, Factors, Estimation, Measurement, Fractions, Percents, Proportional Reasoning, Multi-Step Equations and Probability, Geometry and Data Analysis, Triangle Geometry, Linear Equations, and Polynomials.

8th Grade Math: Algebra by Ryan Hall. This course includes the following units: Unit Language and Tools of Algebra, Unit Angle Relationships, Solving Equations, Functions and Patterns, Analyzing Linear Functions, Systems of Equations, Inequalities, Polynomials, Factoring, Quadratics, and Statistics and Probability.

Let us know what you think of this and future collections by commenting below, posting to our Facebook page, or tweeting at us.  You can also always find us at Have a great mid-semester break, whatever you celebrate and whatever you do.

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  1. Mike G permalink

    Great resource.

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