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Don’t Reinvent the Wheel; Calculate its Circumference: Pi Day Resources

March 12, 2012

“Students will be able to measure the circumference of a circle with a straight ruler, to the closest one hundredth of a centimeter.”

Think about that exercise.  Wouldn’t that be frustrating?  Thank goodness for pi (and diameters)! (That said, it could be an interesting way to introduce pi and its use.)

Thanks to ancient math wizards and then Archimedes, we have pi.  And since we know you’ll be repping pi (and pie) in some form or fashion on Wednesday, March 14th, we decided to put together a resource guide for math teachers (and those committed to integrating math, or pie, into their curricula).

Lastly, BetterLesson members have shared dozens of great resources for teaching pi, circumference, and everything related.  Here are links to the lessons:

Derive Pi (6th Grade) by Kaiulani Ivory

Circumference and Pi (6th Grade) by Jason Armstrong

Pi lab (7th Grade) by Stu Wulsin

What is Pi? (7th Grade) by Nicky Berman

Using Pi to Calculate the Area of a Circle (7th Grade) by Jennifer Wells

Want to continue the pi theme beyond a straightforward lesson? Consider trying out one of the following Pi Day activities this 2012:


Bonus: Fact of the day: pies are only accepted as relevant to pi day because their crusts are round.


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