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Top Questions on BetterLesson

September 19, 2012

Our new Questions feature has seen great traction just a few weeks into the school year. Check out the top questions asked and answered thus far:

1. Which classroom management techniques work best for you?

Top answer (8 votes): When it comes to managing students, I always try to remain calm no matter the situation (try is the key word). I find this really provides order. In addition, I usually only provide positive reinforcement and concentrate on who is doing what well. For instance, if students are not behaving, I’ll stop what I am doing and talk to the misbehaving students and point out the great things that other students are doing. I have learned that students are very competitive. If you point out something that another student is doing well and they are not doing it, more times than not they will try to replicate that in order to show you, the teacher, and their classmates they are just capable. – Randy Friedland

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2. What do you do to optimize student engagement in class?

Top answer (7 votes): I try to make sure that what I’m asking my students to learn isn’t boring, and that they’re given interesting activities or problems to work on in class. That’s ridiculously difficult, and I fail as often as I succeed, but it’s the only thing that consistently works for me. – Michael Pershan

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And some more examples from our content topics…

MathHow can I incorporate literacy into my math block on a regular basis?

ScienceWhare are the most important things students should learn in K-12 science?

Social StudiesHow can google maps be used to develop unique geography lessons?

English / Language Arts: Where should I start to implement Common Core middle school language arts standards?

Join the community! You can browse, ask, and answer questions at (you’ll need an account — it’s free).


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