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Celebrate Metric Day (10/10) with The Simpsons’ Mr. Burns

October 9, 2012

(See below for where Mr. Burns fits in)

Even though the US still hasn’t fully adopted the metric system (see map below: green countries use metric), it’s still ever-present in our lives. Check out the metric system teaching resources available on BetterLesson.


We’ve highlighted below some particularly interesting activities for teaching about the metric system:

Metric Reference Guide (MS Science) by Chris Cullen

Converting to and from Metric (MS Science) by David Kujawski

Metric System Lesson for HS Physics by Dan Rosen, with Video Clip from The Simpsons spoofing the ability of Americans to comprehend metric measurements (at about 0:50): “Seemed heavy when I ordered it.” (a 1000 gram weight) – Mr. Burns

Metrics Estimation Olympics by Brent Maddin

Enjoy, and happy Metric Day!



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  1. I’m all for the metric system over imperial, any day. Living in the UK I don’t really have a full appreciation for the spread of metric vs imperial teaching in the US – all I know is that there is some frustration over the metric system not being more widely taught. Is this accurate?

  2. Metric to imperial (and back again) was one of the BANES of my maths lessons at school. Thanks for providing such useful resources!

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