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BetterLesson Seeks Instructional Gurus

May 3, 2013

BetterLesson Seeks In-House Instructional Gurus

This opening is for a math or ELA coach who is a bona fide Common Core guru and loves working closely with teachers! This position will be working full or part time from our Cambridge, MA offices as a critical part of BetterLesson’s Master Teacher Project (MTP).

BL’s Master Teacher Project:

In partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, BetterLesson has recently begun the Master Teacher Project. The MTP aims to provide: 1) A body of knowledge for teachers attempting to make the transition to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and 2) Real recognition and professional opportunities to exceptional teachers around the country. The Project centers around the development of Common Core focused, Master Teacher (MT) created courses that will be cloud-based, freely available, “re-mixable,” and always accessible.

The success of the Instructional Guru is, in part, defined by the the success of the Master Teachers (MTs) with whom they will be virtually interacting.  We’ve recruited and selected MTs to post high quality, classroom-ready, Common Core-aligned lessons, units & courses while being supported virtually by a rock star instructional coach.  This coach will also curate MT content with the goal of generating high consumption and engagement by the BL community. Working within a start-up environment, the expectations of this role range from creating high-contact relationships with Math Master Teachers, to the various, team-player responsibilities involved in scaling the Master Teacher Project to include math, ELA, History and Science Common Core alignment.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide comprehensive, virtual instructional coaching in math or ELA as related to the Common Core. Strong content knowledge is a must!
  • Collaborate virtually with Master Teachers by providing weekly coach feedback (both through the online platform and on calls) on lesson plans, implementation, alignment to the Common Core and specific strategies to improve instruction
  • Curate lessons uploaded by Master Teachers
  • Serve as resource for identifying Common Core related support materials for teachers, especially with regard to differentiating Common Core lesson plans (particularly with regard to ELL’s, struggling learners, and those with special needs)
  • Support a standards-based, data-driven attitude towards lesson planning
  • Implement and adapt Betterlesson’s existing teacher-support resources — such as lesson evaluation criteria, lesson templates, teaching framework, professional development protocols, data interpretation tools
  • Desire to stay abreast of current trends in education, utilizing appropriate research to drive coaching. Willingness/desire to attend national conferences and be a leader in national dialogue about education
  • Help stimulate dialogue around curriculum and best practices on the BL site.

Knowledge Experience and Training

  • Strong conceptual knowledge of math or ELA content area
  • High familiarity with Common Core, knowledge of current research, publications, authors and key decision-makers
  • Experience facilitating online relationships and teams, curating content
  • High comfort level with technology and ability to perform basic troubleshooting
  • Experience working with and/or developing materials related to the Common Core
  • Experience and knowledge of digital media with instruction and professional development
  • Extensive experience with formative assessment,  demonstrated success in teaching as evidenced by student assessment data and other evidence.
  • Strong communication skills and ability to effectively share information regarding data, curriculum, instruction, and assessment using a variety of coaching processes, e.g., verbal explanation, modeling, lesson editing, virtual lesson observation, conducting study groups, and other forms of professional development.


  • Minimum of five years elementary, middle, and/or high school classroom teaching/expertise
  • Minimum of three-five years experience with facilitating teacher learning in K-12, e.g. leading professional development, developing AND implementing curriculum
  • Possess entrepreneurial spirit – the desire and ability to go above and beyond, pro-actively search out new opportunities to apply current skill set or build new skills, assist in other and related tasks as needed
  • Relocation to the Greater Boston area necessary

Reports to: Elizabeth Johnson, BL Senior Program Director.

Please send a brief but compelling note and your resume to:

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