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BetterLesson Gives Back!

May 7, 2013

BetterLesson has a strong social mission, we believe teaching is the hardest job in the world, and we are committed to supporting teachers and making their lives ( and by extension the lives of their students) better! We are also proud citizens of the beautiful city of Cambridge, MA, and we are equally committed to giving back to the community that nurtures and supports us. To that end, BetterLesson regularly takes time out of our schedule to volunteer. In February we traveled to  The Helping Hand Food Pantry and helped to organize and distribute food. In April we hopped on the red line and helped out at the Salvation Army in Central Square. After touring the facility, and hearing from Captain Armida Harper about the tremendous work the center does for a wide variety of Cambridge residents, we rolled up our sleeves and pitched in to cook and serve dinner. The tech team scrubbed dishes, our CEO Alex Grodd cleaned the stove, and the Master Teacher Project Team helped prep and serve the evening meal. It was a rewarding experience for all involved, and everyone left impressed by the tremendous amount of good Captain Armida and her small, but dedicated team is able to do. BetterLesson is a scrappy group, so we respect and admire the impact that a few optimistic, ambitious, and driven people can have.


CEO and Cofunder Alex Grodd rolls up his sleeves and gets to work cleaning the stove.


COO and Cofounder Erin Osborn prepares the evening meal.


The tech team does the dishes!


The Master Teacher Project Senior Program Director Elizabeth Johnson whips up some rice


The Whole BetterLesson Team!

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