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California Gov Proposes $1 Billion to Support State Transition to the Common Core

May 16, 2013

Big news in the nationwide transition to the Common Core , as California Governor Jerry Brown proposed a $1 Billion initiative to help implement the Common Core Standards in California.  This comes as a windfall of $2.8 billion in income tax revenue is being redirected towards K-12 schools and community colleges.

The new proposal (titled Proposition 98 for the Common Core) will be a boon to small school districts and those with a high population of low income students and English Language Learners.   Districts will only have two years to spend the money, (which amounts to roughly $167 per student) but will be able to use their discretion in deciding how to best support the transition to the Common Core.

This decision came after lobbying from state senators, to earmark a portion of the excess revenue towards the Common Core initiative. In his announcement, Brown called the adoption of the Common Core standards by the State Board of Education “a great intellectual move” but recognized that the process to adopt the standards will be challenging.

Meanwhile, the move is receiving high praise from those who have pushed for the new standards. Michael Kirst, president of the State Board of Education, lauded the proposal as  “a positive shot in the arm for the national movement” for the Common Core standards, adopted by 45 states. “When many states and the news media are playing up states having second thoughts, California is moving ahead in a dramatic way, really putting an effort behind this.”

California Teachers Association President Dean Vogel applauded  the decision calling it, “great and welcome news for California’s students,” and adding that “educators must have the support and resources they need in order for the new standards to be implemented effectively.”

We here at BetterLesson remain committed to supporting teacher learning, especially in this time of transition to the Common Core. We look forward to serving California teachers as they search for great CCSS aligned content and resources.

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