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Meet our Newest Team Member: Chris Antreasian

May 23, 2013

BetterLesson is very excited to welcome a new member to our dedicated, brilliant tech team!  Chris Antreasian is joining BetterLessson as a web developer. I coaxed him away from his computer to learn a little more about him.

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Chris takes a break from his work to smile and answer my questions!

Can you tell us about your background, prior to joining BetterLesson?

 I studied web and graphic design at CDIA (The Center of Digital Imaging Arts), in Waltham Ma, and began my career freelancing for 3 years. As I took commissions, I began learning PHP, Action Script and Javascript.  I then took my first full time job with BFSDaniels. There I spent my time working on the Pixxlz, a photo aggregation and print application, as well as keeping the company sites up to date and helping the pre-press department prepare client-supplied files to print. I left that job to build my personal site and continue freelancing.

Why were you excited to join the BetterLesson Team?

I chose BetterLesson because I have always been surrounded by teachers. My mom is a special-ed teacher, my sister is studying to become a Montessori teacher, and my girlfriend just finished her Masters in Art Education. I have been lucky enough to witness the important work teachers do. I have a personal passion for education and the educators who use their lives to help others learn.

What was your favorite subject in school?

My favorite subject in school was art.  From a young age,  I have always been driven to draw. Before I studied web and graphic design, I practiced illustration at AIB (The Art Institute of Boston).

Who was your favorite teacher?

I have had multiple wonderful teachers during my formal education, but as biased as it is, I would need to give the honor to my mom. Throughout my education I had troubles with certain subjects, and would often have rather been doing anything other than homework. My mom would sit with me for hours after she was out of work helping me learn the concepts behind mathematical equations or correcting my poor spelling.

What is one ‘Fun Fact” people might be surprised to find out about you?

I have been working on a graphic novel on-and-off since college. Its called “The Quintuplapus” and is about an octopus who looses three of his tentacles to horrible experiences. It tells the story of his adventures as he searches for his identity on land. One day I hope to purchase a booth at Comicon to sell copies and see if anyone is interested.

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