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BetterLesson Gives Back- Part Deux

June 24, 2013
photo (14)

Team working happily. Probably debating the nationality of Alexander the Great.

On Wednesday, June 19th, BetterLesson took a break from cranking out code, scaling up the work of exceptional educators, and fixing up our new office (more on that to come) to volunteer at The Greater Boston Food Bank.  Joining a few other companies, we learned about the food bank’s role in addressing hunger insecurity in Eastern Massachusetts. It was amazing to see the Food Bank’s new and efficient facility; it is the largest hunger-relief organization in New

photo (16)

Yevy showing off our hard work!

England and among the largest food banks in the country.  Last year, GBFB distributed almost 41 million pounds of food, enough to provide healthy meals to as many as 545,000 people!  After learning about the tremendous work GBFB does to end hunger in Greater Boston, BetterLesson was eager to role up our sleeves and help the GBFB in their mission to ” to distribute enough food to provide at least one meal a day to those in need”.

We joined a team from Ernst and Young in the bowels of the Food Bank, working to package frozen marinara. The team here at BL is nothing if not driven (and a little competitive), so we quickly set out to maximize our efficient packaging process. Ever goal oriented, we set out to “crush” the giant box of frozen sauce we were assigned. Our small team quickly cranked through the marinara, packaging over 20 boxes worth of sauce. It was great to see the team working in happy, productive unity, and to know that our efforts may play a small part in alleviating hunger in our community.

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