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Teachers spend $1.6 Billion on Classroom Tools—Good Thing BetterLesson is Free!

September 9, 2013

We here at BetterLesson are always in awe of the lengths teachers will go to ensure their students’ success. So while it was no surprise to read the 3813998921_9c4c8bc2a8_zrecent findings  of the National School Supply and Equipment Association (NSSEA), it is still staggering to learn that the average teacher spends $149 out of pocket on classroom tools per year. That adds up to $1.6 billion spent by  American teachers on supplies and materials per year! Moreover, the survey found that 99.5% of all public school teachers reported spending some of their own money on school supplies during the 2012-2013 school year.  Virtually every teacher in the country, is shelling out some of their hard earned money to make sure their students receive the instruction they deserve.

The report is certainly disconcerting, even more so when you consider the proliferation of tech tools and apps, and the expansion of the Common Core. Teachers are faced with new standards, and an ever increasing pool of tech toys that promise to engage their students and spark learning. Tellingly, a full 10 percent of teachers reported spending $1,000 or more out of pocket. That was double the percentage recorded in previous studies by the NSSEA. We applaud teachers who are willing to sacrifice their own finances to help their students, but certainly hope this trend won’t continue. BetterLesson is committed to helping teachers “share what works”, and the lessons on our site are always cloud based, easily re-mixable, and most importantly FREE!  We hope that by scaling the successes of great teachers we can have a measurable impact on instructional outcomes.

Signing up for BetterLesson could not be easier, create an account today and get access to thousands of worksheets, lesson plans powerpoints, course outlines, etc.!  Math teachers in grades 6-12, can also apply to sign up for our newly redesigned beta site, which features the amazing CCSS aligned content created by our 42 Master Teachers. Not a math teacher in grades 6-12? Stay tuned, BL has recently partnered with the NEA to share over 14,000 CCSS aligned lessons created by Master Teachers in k-5 math and 6-12 ELA!

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