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Friday the 13th, Statistically Speaking

December 11, 2013

This Friday is Friday the 13th.

If you want get a jump on some fun ways to capture your students’ attention on the “unluckiest day”, check out these two math lessons from BetterLesson Master Teachers for inspiration:

  1. Michelle Schade – Grade 6 Math – Statistically Speaking

  2. Heather Stephan – Grade 7 Math – What is the Probability of Drawing a King From a Deck of Cards?

For further analysis, this Livescience blogger wonders in detail ‘Statistically Speaking, is Friday the 13th really unlucky?’

Rather than research the unlucky nature of Friday the 13th, you could find its silver lining like this does by contending that ‘Friday the 13th and other bad luck beliefs actually do us some good’.

As teachers, we know you’re super busy. So here’s a friendly heads-up for the superstitious among you:

  • Avoid walking under ladders at all costs.

  • Carry a four leaf clover with you, just in case.

  • Don’t open your umbrella indoors.

Good luck!

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