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Making Math Pop

December 19, 2013

Winter break is nigh. Your students are likely distracted and excitable.

Maybe they’re even singing holiday songs they’re so excited?

Do you ever wish that your math lessons were as catchy as a popular song?

They can be. By using pop music and song, many have found innovative ways to inspire fun, and engaging ways to learn math.

One of our rock star Master Teachers, Jason Slowbe, uses puns and a pop song from the late ‘90s to pump up a lesson on derivatives. The lesson is called Gettin’ Triggy Wit’ It (a nod to Will Smith’s song Gettin’ Jiggy Wit’ It) and it’s fantastic. He offers plenty of other fun and informative lessons that will keep students learning with a smiles on their faces. You can check out Jason’s lessons, as well as our other amazing Master Teachers’ lessons, here.

Alex Kajitani, California Teacher of the Year, is also The Rappin’ Mathematician. He is dedicated to bringing the rhythm, the rhyme and the fun to learning math. Check out his inspiring TED Talk here – Making Math Cool .

Some students are already convinced that math can be as catchy as a song so they’re using that power to convince their peers in class. Check out these girls spoofing Adele’s hit Rolling In The Deep in a presentation about Quadratic Formulas.

We can’t deny the impact of music, especially around the holiday season. If you want to make your math lessons POP, consider using music to make a lasting impact.

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