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Teachers Huddle – #MTP Kick Off Approaches

January 5, 2014

The teachers are huddled preparing their strategies as #MTP approaches.

It’s almost game time.

Speaking of game time, sports can be a good vehicle to engage your students in the classroom.

To many children, athletics are just as important as school.
According to, 60% of students play sports outside of school.

In Bowling Green, Kentucky, Christa Lemily, a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Master Teacher (#MTP), uses NASCAR to bring a 3 day STEM project to life in her classroom. Her students learn to apply equational reasoning and percent increase/decrease to solve an auto racing problem using the principles of engineering. Christa is a veteran teacher of 7th and 8th grade math in Warren County. She also travels the state of Kentucky facilitating professional development with other school districts. Her NASCAR lesson is one of her many innovative lessons you can find using BetterLesson.

There are many other educators and educational tools that take use of sports to inspire math learning. Here are some others you can check out!

  • The NCAA created awesome 3rd to 5th grade math lessons using basketball to appease and inspire young basketball fans. Box scores highlight basic math, a basketball net teaches principles of geometry and sports pages illustrate percentages.

  • Ed Week and the New York Times Learning Network have math lessons that will pique the interest of fantasy football fans. Both articles break out ways to teach statistics and probability in drafting a fantasy football team and in head-to-head weekly matchups.

  • Blogger Richard Byrne has a litany of resources for teaching the math and science of sports here.

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