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Listen My Teachers!

January 7, 2014

Listen my teachers and you shall see

What’s behind the hashtag MTP,

The fifteenth of January 2014;

You’ll have access to lessons like you’ve never seen

An overwhelmed teacher cannot ignore

A custom made product – built for the core

Year long curricula, they’ll be no more guessin’

Adjust to the core, with your friend BetterLesson

Written by peers, from New York to Cali

Kentucky, Seattle and even Death Valley

New BetterLesson product, a brand new site

We didn’t stop working, ‘til we got it right

See for yourself, the world’s in your palm

Visit us at


If this poem sounds familiar, it’s a parody of Longfellow’s ‘Midnight Ride’, a colorful poem about the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere.

Two of our Master Teachers have written great lessons featuring the Midnight Ride.

Check them out:

  • Andrea Mills, an 8th grade ELA Master Teacher from Raleigh, North Carolina, teaches this lesson about how lines of incidents in a poem propel the action, aspects, and decisions of Paul Revere.

  • Master Teacher Devon O’Brien, who teaches 8th grade ELA in Leonardtown, Maryland, wrote this Paul Revere lesson which helps students identify and describe three elements of narrative poetry and apply that knowledge to a poem.

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