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BetterLesson Launches All New Site. Built Entirely for the Common Core! – 1/15/2014

January 15, 2014

We’re so excited to announce the release of an all new BetterLesson product — — a site built entirely for the Common Core.

When we teamed up with the NEA last summer on The Master Teacher Project, we knew there would be powerful results. Our incredible team of over 130 Master Teachers has been working tirelessly to create the only comprehensive body of knowledge around Common Core teaching.

And today, we’re releasing the first batch of over 3,000 comprehensive, CCSS-aligned lessons in our shiny, new CC.BetterLesson site.

The result is a revolutionary approach to Common Core support. And here’s why:

1. Active Teachers, Actionable Lessons: All of our Master Teachers are current classroom teachers, sharing the full lessons that they bring to their students each day. That’s why CC.BetterLesson has actionable, classroom-ready lessons you can really use — and not just a handful of lessons, but a full year’s worth (That’s right, they’re sharing over 120 lessons each!). Our MTs will be sharing as they teach, so expect more lessons each week! And once you find your pedagogical soulmate, you can follow her lesson trajectory through each and every unit.

2. Real to the Core: Our Master Teachers are fallible, human teachers, implementing these new standards and meeting the evolving assessment landscape in the best way they can. The result is an authentic representation of the struggles and successes that come with growth. What do you do when your students didn’t get the CCSS foundation last year they need for this year? Our MTs will talk honestly about what they’ve tried and how it all went. There’s no pretense here.

3. “Practice” Makes Perfect: We know the “what” of teaching  — the actual materials, powerpoints, problem sets etc. — is important, but our MTs aren’t stopping there. They’re also sharing the “how” and the “why” of their effective practice — they narrate their enactment of each section of a lesson; they share videos of particular instructional strategies; they reflect on their implementation of the CCSS; and they discuss examples of student work.

All of these lessons are being developed and shared at an unprecedented scale. With more than 130 Master Teachers (5 at each grade for K-12 Math and ELA), we’ll be providing 5-10 incredible lessons for every single Common Core standard. And by Fall of 2015, we’ll have over 16,000 lessons live.

And the best part? The launch today is just the beginning; We’ll be releasing new features and adding new content over the coming weeks and months. We can’t wait for you to check it out and tell us what you think!

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