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CC.BetterLesson Serves Up A Cup of Common Core

January 15, 2014

It’s early. Before sunrise early. You’re sipping coffee and thinking about how you want one more juicy nugget of inspiration for today’s lesson. Where do you go? CC.BetterLesson!

After months of sharing lessons, resources and reflections, Master Teachers and BetterLesson have successfully launched a brand new website of Common Core aligned lessons on. We wanted to make CC.BetterLesson a super accessible and practical resource that teachers would keep coming back to – kind of like coffee. Our hope is that the site is SO helpful that you’ll get addicted to it – in a good way. It’s like a performance-enhancing tool for teachers – (again) kind of like coffee! To see what we mean, here’s a lesson from 8th grade ELA Master Teacher Nicholas Gearing that teaches students to defend a position on the issue of performance enhancement in professional sports.

Geez, I’d kind of like a coffee right now. I’ll be at the common CORE-ner “coffee shop” –

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  1. Thank you for the post. I am a high school science teacher and have been adapting primary source, maritime books for Google Earth touring. It’s a fun way for students to read and explore science, history and geography. Feel free to share the material at:

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