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Master Teacher Project Launch – 1/15/14

January 15, 2014


Houston, we have a new site. And Houston, would you mind spreading the word?

We have successfully launched CC.BetterLesson full of Master Teacher Project lessons and we couldn’t be more excited!

The site offers free, year long, common core aligned lessons made by teachers for teachers.

Our Master Teachers represent schools all across the country and their hard work is yours to explore and share.

Speaking of launching, we’d like to figure out how much farther our shuttle has to fly. We need help from a Master Teacher. 8th grade Master Teacher Shaun Errichiello’s lesson ‘How far is that?’ can help you find a way to make comparative sense of extremely long distances. Shaun’s lesson comes to our rescue. Shaun teaches math at the School of Science in New York City.

And if you want to further that understanding of distance and teach the sheer magnitude of that distance take a look at Michelle Schade’s lesson: ‘The Meaning of Absolute Value’. Michelle is a 6th grade math teacher at Plainfield, IL’s Indian Trail Middle School.

Put on your space suits. We’ve entered the atmosphere of the Common Core.

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