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Snowed In?

January 22, 2014

Snowed in?  Wasn’t it just 50 degrees a few days ago?

What is going on with the weather?

We don’t know either but let’s have some fun with it.

Master Teacher Merry Rampy’s Algebra 2 lesson ‘Weather Ups and Downs’ shows students how to graph changing weather patterns using sines and cosines.

According to Merry, “This lesson is awesome because it gives your students a real world connection to periodicity using weather data.”  Merry Rampy is a teacher at Highland School in Craigmont, Idaho. Merry has got a wealth of teaching experience in the fields of math and science. She is currently in her 24th year of teaching. She has experience teaching in Colorado, Montana and Nevada. Her current post, Craigmont, is a town with just over 500 people about 225 miles north of Boise not too far from the eastern border of Washington State.

When you’re done graphing meteorological data, here are some other snowy lessons you can check out while you warm up over hot cocoa:

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