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Let’s Spice January Up!

January 29, 2014

It’s freezing outside.

Let’s spice things up with some hot peppers!

When it comes to hot peppers, it’s important to know your limits.

How hot and spicy is too hot and spicy for you? Unsure?

Well, in 1912, a pharmacist named Wilbur Scoville created a scale to measure the spiciness of foods. Today, that scale is called the Scoville Heat Scale.

New York City Master Teacher Shaun Errichiello’s ‘Don’t Eat The Hot Sauce’ is an 8th Grade Math lesson that helps students compare numbers using Wilbur Scoville’s Heat Scale. Shaun teaches at MS 255: The Salk School of Science in New York City.

Not into spicy foods? Here are some other lessons that will warm you up:

  • NEA Master Teacher Julianne Beebe’s ‘Canned Heat In My Heels’ is a Grade 8 ELA lesson that helps teach students to use memorable. figurative language. Julianne teaches at Larchmont Charter School in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Christopher Arnett’s Grade 10 ELA lesson ‘Stories By The Fireside’ teaches students how to identify details and themes in romantic poetry. Christopher is an NEA Master Teacher at Geneva Community High School in Geneva, IL.

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