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The NEA and BetterLesson Master Teacher Project Conference : Getting to the Core of the Common Core

February 5, 2014



NEA Master Teachers and BetterLesson team all on one stage at #NEAMTPCON

We had an incredible weekend at NEA headquarters in Washington DC for our NEA Master Teacher Project Conference!

90+ NEA Master Teachers worked collaboratively for the entire weekend. One of the goals of the weekend was working together to create Common Core aligned lessons that enable  other teachers to learn and improve their practice.

On Saturday morning, we ran a workshop called Collaborative Development of a Model Lesson. During that workshop, several of the Master Teachers and BetterLesson staff were taking pictures of the work being done and posting those pictures on social media. The work was so enticing that a teacher saw the work in pictures on BetterLesson’s Twitter feed, went to CC.BetterLesson to look for the corresponding lesson, and contacted us to ask where it could be found!

On Sunday AM, NEA President Dennis Van Roekel dropped in and closed out the conference on a high note saying,  “The ability to act, to influence…that is what teachers are here to do.”

NEA President Dennis Van Roekel dropped in to close out the conference.


On Monday, our teachers took a weekend’s worth of hard work motivation back to their schools to do what they do best. Influence.


Check out the entire album of #NEAMTPCON photos on our Facebook page.

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