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The Building Blocks of Inspiration

February 20, 2014

Building blocks are a staple in the lives of many children worldwide.

Teachers know it.

In fact, there are several lessons on CC.BetterLesson that incorporate building blocks to supplement and inspire learning. For example, if you’re teaching Grade 7 Math, Master Teacher Grant Harris’ lesson ‘3-D Models from 2-D Views’ uses blocks to help students construct 3-D representations of 2-D images.

What’s fascinating is how children can inspire adults using building blocks.

Shubham Banjeree is twelve years old. He’s in 7th grade. He invented the prototype for cost effective braille printer using Legos he’s called ‘The Braigo’. Check out his video here. Pretty inspiring, right?

Believe it or not, Shubham isn’t the only young innovator. Marcy McKenna is the producer of the Style and Go Hair Care Valet but her 7 year old son, Jack, built the prototype out of Legos. She was looking for a solution to the mess created in her bathroom by her hair dryers and curling irons; he found it! Here’s the full story.

Since building blocks seem to be the gateway to childhood inspiration, let’s take a trip to the Lego Factory! Check out this Grade 1 Math lesson ‘Building Tens at the Lego Factory’ taught by Amanda Cole. Amanda is an NEA Master Teacher from KIPP Central City Primary School in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Hopefully, this post is a building block toward your Thursday inspiration.

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