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Conversations With Master Teacher James Dunseith

April 4, 2014


James Dunseith is a remarkable Master Teacher at North High School in Worcester, Massachusetts.

You can access his Algebra I curriculum on CC.BetterLesson. While you’re there, you can also interact with James. If you are logged into CC.BetterLesson, you can leave comments in the feedback section at the end of each lesson you view. Our MTs love your feedback and they’re open to your suggestions. On top of that,  they’re available to answer the questions you have. James has engaged with several teachers who have left him feedback.

Here’s a conversation around James’ lesson “Problem Set : Number Lines”:

 Jennifer Wright: Hi James, I thought your lesson was great. The only thing I was wondering about was in your warm up, problem B, you have the students multiplying by a negative number. I thought that this standard moved up to 6th grade. Such a great website! Can’t wait to explore it more! Jenny | 17 days ago | Reply

James Dunseith: Responding to Jennifer Wright Hey Jenny, thanks for the comment! You’re right that signed arithmetic has been “moved up” in the CCSS. But kids can always use the practice on this topic. Over the first few weeks of school, I make sure to touch on this, just to brush off the cobwebs that some kids can develop over the summer. Best wishes in your work, and I’ll look forward to seeing you elsewhere on the BL site! James | 15 days ago | Reply

This conversation stemmed from James’ lesson entitled “ Irrational (and Other!) Numbers on the Number Line”:

Jenny Park: Circling Up seems like a great Idea. Do you just have them form a circle around the desks? I think I might do that, especially because there are too many “cliques” and I want everyone to feel comfortable and support each other. | one month ago | Reply

James Dunseith: Responding to Jenny Park Hi Jenny – thanks for the comment! I do have them form a circle around the desks. On the first day of school, I take a few minutes to show everyone what I mean when I say “Circle Up!” I walk a lap of the room to illustrate where I’d like the circle to go. It does go a long way toward making everyone feel comfortable and like they’re participating in something! Let me know how it goes! | 15 days ago | Reply

Check out James’ entire curriculum here on CC.BetterLesson and let us know what you think in the feedback section of each lesson. (Don’t forget to log in first!)



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