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Teachers Helping Teachers Round the Common Corner!

April 8, 2014

We’re excited to see that CC.BetterLesson is helping many of you adapt to the Common Core state standards. We love the positive feedback. Our Master Teachers are excited to be able to share their lessons with you so we are happy that it’s paying off!

Here are some testimonials from teachers who have used CC.BetterLesson in their classrooms:

 Grade 7 Master Teacher Heather Stephan


Applications of One Step Equations

Sheila Hanes: “Ms. Stephan, the equation notes and application problems were so helpful. I am glad that I found the BetterLesson site. The lessons and resources that many of you have created and are making available to classroom teachers is making the transition to common core curriculum much easier. As a teacher, I feel better about how and what I am teaching to prepare my students for success.”

Grade 11 Master Teacher Cassy McCoy


The Power of Rhetoric – Day 3 of 3

Brittiany Claiborne: “I love this lesson. I have already created a unit plan that uses the same texts  associated with this lesson and the prior unit. As I seek to make my units closely aligned with Common Core standards, I will definitely be using ideas from your lessons. Thanks so much!”

Grade 6 Master Teacher Andrea Palmer


Adding and Subtracting Fractions – Day 1

Linda Jones: “This is great. It is so nice that we finally are having more resources for the common core.”

When it comes to Common Core, our Master Teachers have your back. See for yourself at CC.BetterLesson!

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