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New Lessons From Proven Master Teachers

April 10, 2014

This week, hundreds of new math and ELA lessons were uploaded to CC.BetterLesson by Master Teachers all over the USA. As you may know, CC.BetterLesson is a living, breathing body of knowledge that is constantly growing with real, accessible classroom lessons.

Some of this week’s new lessons are from Master Teachers who have already received great feedback on their lessons on CC.BetterLesson.


Grade 1 Math teacher Tommy Young, from Waitsfield Elementary School in Waitsfield, VT, has 56 new lessons this week in 5 different units including his: “Shapes Within Shapes” unit and his “Working With Numbers, Operations and Story Problem” unit.

Here’s some feedback from an excited teacher who used Tommy’s lesson “Finding the Hidden Addend” as well as Tommy’s reply:

Kelly Klausing: I am so excited that I came across this lesson! I am a first year teacher and have an observation tomorrow, I was going to just do the lessons out of our textbook that I always do, but now I am totally revamping the lesson and going to play these games. The kids are going to love it 🙂 Thank you, Kelly | one month ago | Reply

Thomas Young: Responding to Kelly Klausing Kelly, How did it go? Let me know if you have any follow up questions. | one month ago | Reply


Julianne Beebe teaches Grade 8 ELA at Larchmont Charter School in Los Angeles, CA. This week she has 25 new lessons in her “House on Mango Street” units to share on CC.BetterLesson. Teachers have already found Julianne’s lessons useful in their classrooms. See for yourself:

On: “Analyzing Texts for Voice, Tone and Mood

Sonja Kassube: Hi Julianne! Thank you so much for putting together this lesson! I love the variety of texts which displays a difference in voice, mood and tone! My students have enjoyed the lessons all week long and I appreciate the already created lesson. This has always been a challenge for me to teach; however, I even have a better grasp teaching it this way. 🙂 One thing I did to add to the text lesson was have students highlight words as they read each passage that helped them determine voice, tone, and mood. I can’t wait to hear what they will write with the Victor T. Monroe lesson. Thank you again! | 15 days ago | Reply

On: “I Get It! Breaking Down the Power of Names

Annette Shannon: Julianne, the lessons you have provided are articulate, thoughtful and very helpful. Thanks Annette | one month ago | Reply


Allyson McHugh

Allyson McHugh teaches Grade 9 ELA at Waltham Senior High School in Waltham, MA.

She uploaded 24 new lessons this week, adding many new lessons to her “Great Expectations” units. One teacher insists that Allyson’s lessons are the best she can find:

On: “Heads Down Writing; Heads Up Conferencing

Alice Gayle: Your lessons are to the point which makes it very easy to review for consideration in my curriculum. They also have the details needed to create a lesson plan that is easy to customize for my needs. I’ve been on multiple lesson share sites and your lessons are by far the best. Thank you.. Thank you… | 2 months ago | Reply 

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