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Tax Day Math Lessons

April 15, 2014

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It’s Tax Day!!! Don’t forget to file!

It’s never too early for students to learn about taxes. Why should they be excluded from the “fun”?

Master Teachers on CC.BetterLesson can help you teach your students about taxes so that they can “celebrate” Tax Day, too.

Let’s start with Grade 12 Master Teacher Hilary Yamtich’s lesson “Progressive Income Taxes and Piecewise Functions”. In this lesson students create graphs to show the relationship between a person’s income and how he or she will pay in taxes. This lesson is aligned to Common Core state standards HSF-IF.B.4 and HSF-BF.A.1, as well as Math Practice standards 1 through 7. Hilary teaches at Lighthouse Community Charter School in Oakland, California. You can bet her students will have a head start once they arrive in the world of W-2s and 1099’s.

At Champion Middle School, in Columbus, Ohio, students begin learning about taxes as early as 7th grade! Malissa Thomas-St. Clair’s lesson, “Money, Earnings, Tax”, students calculate how much tax is deducted from wages using number sense, equations and percentages. This lesson is aligned to Common Core state standards, 7.RP.A.2b, 7.RP.A.2c, 7.RP.A.3,  7.NS.A.1d, 7.NS.A.2c, 7.EE.B.4 and 7.EE.B.4b.

Her tax lessons don’t stop there. Check out Malissa’s entire Grade 7 Curriculum (specifically Unit 3 “Proportional Reasoning With Percents”) to brush up your middle schoolers on how taxes work.

Give your classroom a peak into the real world of finance on Tax Day!

Or…You know what? It’s getting nice out. You’ve done your taxes.

Take them on a field trip to the amusement park instead. CC.BetterLesson can help with that too! Andrea Palmer’s lesson will help you figure out  “What Rides Can You Go On?”.


When you’re at the amusement park, save your receipts. You’ll need them next April!

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