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Earth Day Lessons!

April 17, 2014

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Tuesday is Earth Day!

Coincidentally, the team here at BetterLesson has begun recruiting for the Science Master Teacher Project. (Science Teachers can apply here!) So our team is celebrating in a unique way!

You already know that our Master Teachers have helped educators across the country align their Math and ELA lessons to the Common Core state standards. Now, the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are here and we are looking for Science Master Teachers who can lead by example and help take science teaching in the US to the next level.

Even though CC.BetterLesson doesn’t currently feature Science Master Teachers, many of our Math and ELA lessons cross into science and are excellent resources for Earth Day learning.

See for yourself!

Visit CC.BetterLesson to find dozens more inspiring and fun lessons to help your classroom celebrate our planet on Earth Day! AND tell all of your Science Teacher colleagues about the Science Master Teacher project. It’s an amazing opportunity!

Rockstar Science Teachers…Apply NOW to become a Master Teacher for BetterLesson’s Science Master Teacher Project!

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