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Upstate NY Geometry Masters

April 28, 2014

CC.BetterLesson can help your Geometry lessons take shape. Pun intended.

(Don’t be a square!)

Many Geometry teachers across the country have found the help that they’re looking for in our Master Teachers’ lessons on CC.BetterLesson.

Coincidentally, two of our Geometry Master Teachers can be found in Upstate New York!

Beth Menzie is a Geometry teacher at Amsterdam High School in Amsterdam, New York, not too far outside of Albany. Her lessons have inspired several testimonials. We’ve shared a couple of them here. See for yourself!

This high praise can be found on Beth’s lesson “Dig In! Day 1”:

Kristin Stuby: Beth, I did this activity with two geometry classes and it went well with both. I modified for time and allowed the students only 20-25 minutes to create the shapes, 20 minutes to group the shapes, and then a gallery walk and discussion of ways to group. What I thought was amazing was that 100% of the students were engaged. I had maybe 3-4 groups find all 14 shapes. The feedback from the students was mostly positive. What they enjoyed most was socializing while working. Thank you! Tomorrow I will do the second part with one class and will let you know how it goes. Kristin Stuby | 2 months ago | Reply

This complimentary feedback came after a teacher found Beth’s lesson “Introductory Investigation of Quadrilaterals

Amanda Curtis: Beth, I am so excited to try this with my Geometry A (lower level) students this week. I created Word documents for each quadrilateral page. I just copied and pasted pictures off of the internet and then dilated them up or down to change the dimensions. I don’t see a way to upload them here, but I would be happy to share. I would like you to look at them and see if I’m on the right track! Thanks for the great lesson! | one month ago | Reply

Stephanie Conklin is another ace Geometry Master Teacher. Her classroom can be found in Saratoga Springs High School in Saratoga Springs, NY, about 40 minutes north of Amsterdam. Stephanie’s lesson “Review for Midterm” was able to assist an overwhelmed, new teacher.

Lisa Chance: Stephanie, your materials are so helpful. As a new teacher, yet an older career switcher, I am overwhelmed. Thank you so much for allowing other teachers to share your materials for free. I am learning from how you put your lessons together. Thank you!!!!! | 2 months ago | Reply

Stephanie Conklin: Thank you, Lisa. Please let me know if I can help in any other ways! | 2 months ago Reply

When you log in to CC.BetterLesson, you can leave Community Feedback on any lesson that you interact with. In fact, we encourage it. If a lesson works in your classroom, we want to share that success story with other teachers so that they have a chance to experience that same success.

Beth and Stephanie created lessons with a large reach and impact while teaching in small towns in Upstate NY. We hope CC.BetterLesson has the opportunity to impact the teaching in your classroom. Check us out!

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