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Keep Your Brain In Shape for National Fitness Month!

May 2, 2014

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May is National Fitness Month.

You can use lessons on CC.BetterLesson to reevaluate your Common Core fitness.

Your Algebra class can visit the gym using James Bialasik’s lesson “Fitness Center Question”. This lesson compares the costs of joining different health clubs to see which club offers the better deal over time. Maybe you’ll sign up?

After your class has been to the gym a few times, your students might be fit enough to lead a discussion about understanding and reviewing transformations. Stephanie Conklin’s Geometry lesson “Isometry, Survival of the Fittest and Review” will test their stamina. Once the endurance trial is over, the lesson finishes with students breaking into groups and playing a fun game of Jeopardy to review what they have learned.

If you and your students really wanna push it to the limit, check out Tim Marley’s Grade 12 Math lesson  “Ultramarathon Pacing and Rational Functions”. After the race, you will be able to make sense of rational functions and asymptotes.

If you’re like me, you prefer something that’s a little less intense. Like walking. Heather Sparks’ Grade 8 Math lesson “Charity Walk-A-Thon” is perfect for those who want to stay fit at their own pace. This lesson has students evaluate donation ideas using tables, equations and graphs as evidence.

At CC.BetterLesson, you can always work out your Common Core with our Master Teachers.

We don’t even make you pay for a membership.

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