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Learning Adventures!

May 5, 2014

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Teaching can be an adventure.

Sometimes literally!

Jennifer Valentine is a National Board Certified third grade teacher at Liberty Gifted and Talented Elementary School in an urban district in Tucson, Arizona. She’s also an NEA Master Teacher writing lessons for CC.BetterLesson. Fun and adventure are a huge part of her teaching style.

Her lessons are always exciting, as Rebecca, a BetterLesson user and teacher, recently found out. Rebecca found Jennifer’s lesson “Tubing Tens” and decided to use it for her class. Here’s how it went in Rebecca’s words:

Rebecca Charvoz: Jennifer, I just went on this river adventure with my students!  What a wonderful way to teach ten as a factor. My students were engaged and focused.  I used the scaffolded graphic sheet of tubes and supplies.  I had my students do the “count by” or skip counting and write the number under each tube as they went.  Then I asked them “since it is difficult for us to count by sixes, is there another way to solve 10 x 6? then we counted by tens instead.  Seeing the tubes of six shirts in each tube was necessary for my third graders to visualize the actual story (10 girls, 6 shirts.) But then they used what they know about the factor of ten and simply counted by ten, six times.

Discover the adventure in some of Jennifer’s other fun and engaging lessons:

Learning + Fun = Awesome! Try it!

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