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Celebrate Mothers With BetterLesson

May 8, 2014

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As Teacher Appreciation Week comes to an end, we turn our focus to celebrating the ultimate teacher: Mom.

Barbara Pearson’s lesson “M is for Mom” is a reading and writing lesson to help Kindergarten students form and read letters of the alphabet. Wouldn’t it be nice to inspire students to handwrite their first Mother’s Day cards? Barbara teaches at George Washington Carver Elementary in Santa Ana, California.

Regan Aymett’s Grade 1 ELA lesson “Friends and Mothers” helps students learn how to analyze feelings in lyrics of songs. Perhaps this lesson could lead students to write a thoughtful song about their Mom? You can find Regan teaching at Learning Way Elementary School in Shelbyville, Tennessee.

If your students plan to buy flowers for their Moms on Mother’s Day, this next lesson is an excellent complement. Andrea Praught’s Grade 2 ELA lesson “They Open and Close – Flowers and Syllables” uses the book From Seed To Plant to teach students how to decode regularly spelled two-syllable words with open and closed syllables. Andrea teaches at Prairie Point Elementary School in Oswego, Illinois.

Happy Mother’s Day to Moms around the world!

K-12 Teachers – Don’t miss out on your chance to apply to the Science Master Teacher Project! The priority deadline is May 16th!

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