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Real World Connections

May 12, 2014

Connecting a classroom lesson with real world applications can make a difference in how much your students take away. When that real world math lesson is featured on CC.BetterLesson, you can make a real world connection with a teacher looking to get his or her start in the classroom.

NEA Master Teacher Kristen O’Connor’s lesson “Step One, Step Two” teaches Grade 2 math students to create and solve two part word problems using relevant real world examples. What’s more relevant to a second grader than Trick or Treating on Halloween? Not much, right? So, one of the two part problems Kristen poses is :

1) “A trick-or-treater gets 10 pieces of candy in their bucket.  While they are walking they accidentally drop 5 pieces of candy.  How many pieces of candy does the trick-or-treater have now?”

2) “Once the trick-or-treater gets home, s/he eats 4 pieces of his/her candy.  How many pieces of candy does the trick-or-treater have left?”

I conclude that this trick-or-treater has to be more careful with his candy.
In addition, I conclude thatthis lesson is extremely engaging to a second grader who loves candy. Apparently, it’s also an amazing resource to up and coming elementary ed teachers. Check out the comment an aspiring teacher left in Kristen’s Community Feedback section:

Angela Julien: Okay, so I have to admit that I am completely loving your unit and lesson plans! I’m earning my Master’s in Elementary Education right now without any experience in the classroom. In school, we have to find lessons and make them our own. However, until now, I have not been able to find any lessons that meet my teaching style and involve so many different learning styles. You incorporate so many different elements into your lessons and the videos and resources you include are so helpful! I think I’ve developed a bit of a professional crush here! Thanks for posting such awesome lessons! I look forward to seeing other lessons you post! | one month ago | Reply

On CC.BetterLesson, we are confident that we can match you with lessons that will work with your style and needs, no matter your skill or experience, just like in the case above.

Give it a shot. Search CC.BetterLesson for what you need.


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