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Celebrating Memorial Day

May 23, 2014

We would like to help you remind your students that Memorial Day is more than just a day off of school. So we’ve compiled some thoughtful and relevant lessons from CC.BetterLesson that you could use to inspire your students to think about what Memorial Day really stands for.

Mission Impossible: Mission Complete!” is an Algebra II lesson taught by Jarod Hammel. In this class, students are assigned two missions by the Air Force. Here’s one of them. Pretty intense, right? Each mission gives students the opportunity to assess data and problem solve in a unique and fun role play.

Paula Stanton guides her Grade 9 class through writing reflective poetry about 9/11 in her lesson “Remembering the Sights and Sounds of 9/11 Through Poetry”. It’s a two day lesson that culminates in a gallery walk of the students’ work.

Tim Pappageorge’s lesson “Mapping a Place: Afghanistan at a Crossroads” puts forth the question ‘Why is Afghanistan important?’. In it, students use both fiction and non-fiction texts to broaden the inquiry and exploration of Afghanistan and its place in world history.

We hope you enjoy the long weekend!

Please take the time this weekend to remember the heroes who fought for our country.

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