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Starting Strong: Building a Positive Classroom Culture through Your Academic Content

September 8, 2015

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Welcome to the start of another great school year! Whether your students have already returned or will be arriving back soon, your brain has surely transitioned to teacher mode, and you’re ready for a successful year.

As a teacher, you know the importance of setting the tone early and establishing norms that will empower your students to grow and succeed. What can be difficult is justifying the “loss” of content time to focus on this critical culture building. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice content to achieve culture. You can have your cake and eat it too!

The following BetterLesson Master Teachers created lessons for the first days of school that skillfully integrate foundational content with culture building activities:

Deborah Blackley, 3rd-grade ELA – Establishing Norms for Speaking and Listening in Class

Sue Andrews, 6th-grade ELA – Becoming a Community of Learners

SiriNam Khalsa, 9th-grade ELA – Supporting Students to Speak and Listen with Confidence

Lindsay Thompson, 10th-grade ELA – Unit 1: Setting the Tone for a Great Year

Glenda Funk, 12th-grade ELA – The First Three Days of School

Amanda Cole, 1st-grade math – Creating a Culture of Math

Ursula Lovings, 6th-grade math – Unit 1: The First Week of School

Amanda Hathaway, Algebra 1 – Creating a Positive Classroom Climate

Tim Marley, 12th-grade math – Creating an Environment of Collaboration and Critical Thinking

Justin Price, 3rd-grade science – Unit 1: Building a Classroom

Ashley Cooper, Biology – Building a Foundation for Success in Your Classroom

Anna Meyer, Physics – Cooperation and Communication in the First Week

BL-TeachCycle_FINAL-LOGO (2)At BetterLesson, we recognize that classroom culture has a direct impact on student outcomes. That’s why our personalized professional development platform, TeachCycle, specifically supports teachers to build and develop positive, collaborative cultures in their classrooms.

Our highly trained TeachCycle coaches work one-on-one with teachers across the country to address issues of classroom culture like:

  • Building Confidence and Competence with Classroom Routines and Procedures
  • Building a Collaborative Classroom Community
  • Developing a Growth Mindset
  • Developing Digital Citizenship and Literacy Skills

If you are interested in learning how TeachCycle could provide you with personalized process for achieving student growth in an area of classroom culture (or Math, ELA, Science, or a blended model), please request a demo at

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