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Insights from the Blended Master Teacher Project

August 3, 2016

Blended and Personalized Learning: Insights from the Blended Master Teacher Project

In 2014, BetterLesson partnered with The Learning Accelerator (TLA) to join a small but powerful coalition of human capital organizations committed to advancing TLA’s mission “to transform K-12 education by accelerating the implementation of high-quality blended learning in school districts across America.”  We were awarded a substantial grant from TLA to identify a cohort of effective blended learning teachers, codify their practice, and showcase their teaching strategies as we had done successfully in our earlier Master Teacher Projects.

The content produced through this project is unique, both in its comprehensiveness and its level of detail about specific blended teaching strategies. Unlike our Math, ELA, and Science Projects, the Blended Master Teacher Project was small by design and focused on demonstrating what effective blended learning teachers do and why they do it. Instead of lesson plans, Blended Master teachers documented elements of their instructional design, classroom culture, and systems and strategies that allow them to leverage technology to personalize instruction for their students.

We have learned a great deal from designing and hosting the Blended Master Teacher Project. We are convinced now more than ever that all learning is inexorably headed in the direction of being more self-paced, technologically enabled, and mastery-driven. Traditional models of teaching and learning are rapidly giving way to new and exciting approaches like the strategies that are featured in this project. We are excited to share our findings with the general public in our newly published white paper.

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