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BetterLesson is committed is to empowering teachers to learn what works best for their students (as quickly as possible). We support this mission in two ways:

1., our free curriculum sharing community with over 500,000 registered teachers, is building a living, breathing body of knowledge around effective instruction. Through our Master Teacher Projects, we recruit the highest performing teachers in the country to share the full suite of their effective practice (all of their lessons and best practices). In partnership with the NEA, the Gates Foundation, and the Learning Accelerator, we have launched four K-12 Master Teacher Projects in Common Core Math, Common Core ELA, Next Generation Science, and Blending Learning. We currently have over 10,000 rich, comprehensive lessons across every single CC standard…and there are more on the way!

2. TeachCycle brings teacher-led, continuous learning within reach for every teacher. We pair teams of teachers (PLCs) with an expert, dedicated TeachCycle Coach. Together, they engage in structured experimentation, using our simple Teach, Measure, Learn process to tackle rich teaching challenges based on specific areas of student growth. You can learn more and read teacher and administrator testimonials here.

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