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Testing The Waters: Alternatives To Consider If You Don’t Want To Jump Right Into Choice Boards

We are nearing the school year’s end, and we are starting to think about summer: sun, time off, and swimming! This year we jumped right into refining[...]
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Passing the Baton: Tips and Tools To Support Your Students To Take The Lead

  Seeing our students take what we give them and run with it is one of the most rewarding parts of teaching. Ultimately, they finish the race alone,[...]
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In the Trenches: Tips and Tools For Choice Board Management

Which activity should I choose? What do I do when I’m done? Can you help me?
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Pulling Back the Curtain: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Choice Board Implementation

So you’ve made a choice board. You value student agency in the classroom, and you’re ready to try this thing. Before you put your board center stage,[...]
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To Shift or Not to Shift: A Teacher's Progress Towards Using Choice Boards

In my work as an instructional coach at BetterLesson, I support teachers from New York to Montreal to Egypt to make shifts in their practice and try[...]
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