Helping Teachers To Do A Better Job Virtually

Here’s one thing about teaching: It’s hard. Believe it or not, keeping a roomful of rambunctious kids interested and under control isn’t a skill we’re born with. And then there are constantly changing technologies and state standards to meet. Wouldn’t it be nice if less-experienced teachers could have a seasoned, top-notch pro to provide guidance? Or if a high performer could learn how to get better?

That’s what BetterLesson's Coaching is all about. The Cambridge, Mass.-based company seeks to provide virtual professional development support for teachers. That means one-on-one coaching in which instructors are matched with veteran teachers. An algorithm pairs students (who in this case are teachers) with mentors, using such factors as grade and subject taught and demographics of the student body, and they interact online. Think of it as a for teachers.

The paying customer is school districts, which will pinpoint areas where they need help—say, focusing on novices or high-performing teachers—and the specific instructors who will take part in the service. More @ Forbes: #ChangeTheWorld.

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