"Whether you are looking for a strategy to engage your students tomorrow or for support to roll out a new district-wide initiative, we are here to help deepen the practice of teaching so that your students can reach their greatest potential."

Knowledge is Power

BetterLesson, an edtech startup, comprises expert educators who decode common teaching elements from the best learner-centered classrooms around the world. Armed with this knowledge, it builds coaching curricula that promote effective instruction. Its classroom embedded, learn-by-doing professional development programs share instructional techniques, classroom management, and curriculum materials with educators to prepare students for a rapidly evolving world. Teachers can browse over 10,000 lessons by standard, grade, or subject and download them free from the BetterLesson online platform, which features more than 3,000 classroom-ready lessons that can be integrated into any curriculum.

BetterLesson Learning Lab

A learning lab embeds professional development in the classroom by giving teachers in BetterLesson coaching programs an app to plan, experience, and reflect on their professional learning goals. The Lab allows teachers to select from hundreds of curated strategies that align with the elements of practice of most interest to them. They can also understand how other educators have implemented strategies, determine how these strategies might be used with their students, and collect and share proof points of the strategies in action, like how students performed or where they started and where they ended.

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