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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! We hope you’re being showered with praise and acknowledgment for the work you do each day to help every student succeed.

As a show of our appreciation, we wanted to let you in on a little secret (and we want you to tell your friends). We've heard your requests for new, literacy-specific content across all grades and subject areas that are skills-based and student-centered. So, we partnered with Newsela to develop 100 interdisciplinary literacy strategies for elementary and secondary teachers that support students to read, analyze, and comprehend complex informational texts.

The Newsela Master Teacher project shares the practices of nine Newsela-Certified educators and showcases how they leverage Newsela tools to personalize literacy instruction for their students. Each teacher will bring you into their classroom, sharing videos and artifacts that bring the instructional strategies to life. The project officially launches this fall, but we wanted to give you a sneak peek into some of our favorite strategies so far.

6 Strategies from the 2019-2020 Newsela Master Teacher Project

1. Jigsaw Reading Using Newsela with Secondary Students by Christine Scoppa

Each student becomes an expert on an article then teaches the group so that the group can draw connections based on what they have learned

2. Reading and Writing for Change with Secondary Students Using Newsela by Sarah Bayer

Students read about others who have brought about change and then design their own projects to impact their homes, schools, or communities

3Building Background Knowledge Using Newsela with Elementary Students  by Monika Moorman

Complement novel studies by building students' background knowledge on a topic using Newsela articles

4. Anticipation Guide Using Newsela by Aimee Tolleson

An engaging pre-reading strategy designed to activate schema and heighten curiosity

5. Focus on Reading Skills on Newsela in Order to Achieve Mastery by Kristen Rafferty

Students analyze data, set goals, and make intentional improvements on the eight anchor reading standards found within Newsela articles

6Newsela One Pager for Secondary Students by Tyler Overstreet

Students develop a text-based visual representation to demonstrate their comprehension of a text

Stay tuned for more content drops over the summer and check out the strategies currently available on the Newsela Master Teacher page.

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